Marketing strategies that will boost your small business

In a world where we are exposed to more than 3000 ads per day, when it comes time to start a business, we must stand out.

In fact, more and more businesses are using creativity to stand out, especially at the marketing level. Contests, live videos, informative advertising, it’s rare to go a day without being impressed by an eye-catching ad, a new original slogan or a viral video.

To help you in your sales strategy, we explore 5 marketing trends that will drive your small business.

Video Marketing

Even if your content is interesting, some people don’t like to read long texts and prefer to watch videos. Videos are a great way to capture the attention of potential customers, especially if we trust the statistics that a user would spend an average of 5 minutes on a website that features videos, as opposed to 48 seconds on those that don’t.

To be successful, this strategy must be flawless. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Record a good quality video: you don’t need a professional camera, just make sure the lighting is clear and sufficient, the sound is clear and the image is not pixelated. Keep in mind that most smart phones can now shoot in HD and even 4K.
  • Make sure your customers get something: when your customers listen to your video, they have to have an “experience”. They must learn something, have a chance to win something (contests, promotions, etc.) or encourage them to share or listen again.
  • Add a personal touch: Humor, visual, competition; add a creative and personal touch to encourage people to watch the video until the end!

Maybe the audience that watches your videos versus those who prefer other types of publications is different? Carefully analyze the statistics that you are given in different media to help you make better decisions regarding your next videos, remember that a marketing strategy must constantly evolve and be modified according to the results obtained!

Social Media Marketing

Ideally you should use social media to your advantage. Social media is a great way to increase your visibility and create a community with your customers. There are many ways to use social media in your marketing strategy.

  • Ads: for example, on Facebook, you can create ads that will be sponsored. These ads can be programmed and will only be visible to the target audience you choose. It is also possible to sponsor content on other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.
  • Influencers: More and more companies rely on ¬®influenciadores¬® to market and advertise their products. In exchange for the product (or other), influencers will share their opinion of the product with your subscribers, which greatly increases visibility. We talk about that a bit further below, because the popularity of this marketing technique clearly deserves its own paragraph.

To summarize the social network marketing strategy: you must constantly adapt to your audience, focusing only on media that will have positive effects on your business, and share unique, interesting information and have a capital value in the lives of your interlocutors.

Mobile Marketing

For some years now, the mobile phone has experienced a meteoric rise. That is why it is important to keep in mind that your content should be optimized not only for computer screens, but also for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Have you ever thought about trying to market through text messages instead of traditional emails? It is said that 85% of Spanish people have a smartphone and 98% of all text messages end up being opened.

Since this technique is gaining popularity, there are now several application options that will help you create your campaigns, edit them, pre-program them and send them to your customers.

This is a great alternative to email marketing, which is still a good technique, but is widely used.

Do you want to increase your visibility? Have you ever thought about having guests write on your blog or, better yet, being invited to write blog articles?

First of all, if you have a blog, it’s great! Not only will you create a community with your customers, but you can help your business in many other ways, including SEO, your reputation, notoriety, etc.

Being invited to write articles on another blog is excellent, as you can write articles on topics you have mastered, but you can also talk about your business and the benefits of your products/services.

Do some research on the web to find businesses similar to yours, but it could also be complementary. Form simple partnerships, for example, an article exchange every 2-3 months with a mention in the social networks – you will soon gain visibility!

In addition, by having blogs that talk about you (even if you wrote these articles), your SEO will be better optimized. Google takes links pointing to your site as indications of good visibility and will reward you with a better positioning.