This phrase was as soon as made use of to explain the damaging impacts of unsafe toe-trenching heels as well as destructive skin-clotting make-up products. That was back in the eighties. Today, this expression has a much more actual meaning. Whatever the cost, we will buy the latest fad cosmetic item available as well as we will certainly get the most effective indulging body massage therapy in the town. Let them call it ‘vanity madness’ but let’s face it ladies! From Botox to Long Hair Extensions, isn’t everything worth it?

Naturally it is. Usually, you have to pay the highest possible price, actually, for the very best. Nonetheless, for some individuals and also in some conditions, the alternates just may function better. It coincides case when it pertains to Lengthy Hair Extensions Commonly, there are 2 sort of expansions, human hair as well as synthetic hair. Human expansions are thought about the most effective. Nonetheless, synthetic extensions have their very own set of pros that make them a better option for some people, in certain circumstances.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of both human hair and artificial hair extensions as well as discover which one is the best.

Human Long Hair Extensions.


  • Human extensions are made up of 100 % real human hair and also vary significantly in texture and color,
    that is why it is very easy to discover an excellent match. They are commonly made from European, Russian, Chinese as well as Indian hair.
  • Human expansions that are not chemically dealt with are made from what is called virgin hair, this sort of hair is the best regarding health and also structure are worried.
  • Human Lengthy Hair Extensions can be treated with warm as well as chemicals to transform the design and also color periodically.
  • Human expansions or wefts last longer. If appropriately cared for, they can typically stay affixed for 6 months as well as even more.


  • The significant disadvantage is the cost. Human hair wefts are extra expensive than synthetic ones.
  • They call for even more maintenance as well as the design can not resist rainfall as well as humidity.
  • The hair color range is comparatively less than the synthetic counterpart.

Synthetic Lengthy Hair Extensions


  • The most effective part is that artificial extensions are less pricey, they vary usually between $40 to $100.
  • The selection of shade is wider as well as crazier than in human hair extensions.
  • They are pre-styled as well as can resist rainfall and also humidity unlike natural human hair.
  • Unlike what most individuals think, artificial long hair extensions can look exceptionally natural as well as assimilate flawlessly with your own hair.
  • Artificial extensions don’t obtain twisted really easily as well as require much less upkeep


  • They are constructed from artificial fibers such as Toyokalon, Kanekalon and also monofibre. That is why they do not have the variety of structure.
  • They can not be treated or stylized after application.
  • They do not last as long as human extensions. Usually around one to three months.


As a final thought we can just state that human kinky hair extensions might be best for some however synthetic hair extensions may be better for others. If you need long lasting extensions that can be stylised together with your natural hair, human expansions are the best choice. If you want a budget friendly remedy with an appearance you can transform each month or more month, Synthetic extensions are what you need.

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