Why Process Tobacco?

After being harvested as well as cured, cigarette is not fully stabilized and can not be kept long. It needs to next be fermented. Fermentation is a complex process, yet to make a long story short, one can state that it is an improvement of the chemical elements by oxydation.

Fermentation and Aging

Fermentation is a natural makeover of the chemical elements that supports the raw product. The procedure is instead deep and also fairly quick. When well fermented, a tobacco can be stored for many years without damage.

Aging is a slow-moving all-natural evolution, throughout which time the tobacco is mosting likely to enhance its characteristics and to lose its “green” taste. Once combined in a cigar, the cigarette is worthy of a new duration of aging in order to reach a good equilibrium in between the mix elements.

Why Ferment Cigarette?

Beyond stablizing and also storage capacity, fermentation makes the cigarette lose its raw as well as green preference that no one would really like.

That can ferment cigarette?

It is very easy to grow a couple of tobacco plants in your yard if you like gardening. But if you want to refine it for smoking, you’ll have to ferment it. Otherwise, you’ll have some problem with the preference. To ferment your cigarette properly, you need either large amounts (thousands of extra pounds) to develop a mass quantity for natural handling, or pricey equipment for artificial fermentation. Our recommandation is to expand petunias (ornamental tobacco plants, with a great deal of vivid blossoms) and to buy cigars to appreciate your smoke!

Exactly How to Ferment Cigarette?

To refine an all-natural fermentation, tobacco is piled up. The weight and the all-natural dampness content allow the fermentation to start in the middle of the heap. The temperature goes up. When the targeted temperature level is reached, the heap is damaged as well as reconstructed, the outside cigarette going inside and also the other way around. Which as lot of times as is essential, till the whole pile is properly fermented. Some hefty tobaccos can need as much as six switchings. It takes months to ferment them properly.

Fermentation and Rotting

Do not be afraid when reading that tobacco is fermented! Cigarette is not mosting likely to be rotten! Just stabilized as well as smokeable without giving you nausea or vomiting. Fermentation considerably enhances the original taste.

Fermentation and Top quality

Each tobacco has its very own fermentation procedure. The primary aspects that specify the procedure are the appearance of the material, as well as the application of the cigarette later on. Light wrappers and also complete bodied fillers are not fermented similarly.

Fermentation as well as Temperature

Humid cigarette leaves put in a heap are mosting likely to start fermenting, offering warm. The control of the temperature level inside the pile is an essential aspect of success. If the temperature level goes expensive, the cigarette will certainly be cooked and wear away. Each kind has its very own ideal temperature. When it is gotten to, the stack needs to be opened to stop the heating process as well as a new stack is developed with cooled off tobacco. The outdoors cigarettes go within and vice-versa. As an example, a dark air healed tobacco approves a temperature level approximately concerning 130ºF. And disaster can begin at 140ºF.

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